Logo Design

Posted: Feb 22, 2021

First, I apologize, this is the second time I have posted this job however I inadvertently deleted the job posting.

We are looking to augment our company logo by adding an icon/symbol that will exist next to our current logo (ExpensePoint) but we can also use as a favicon, as well an app button on IOS Appstore and Google Play app button.  We are hoping to have this logo icon exist alongside our current logo and by itself and be identifiable on its own.  We are a SaaS based software company specializing in automated employee expense reporting. Please feel free to look at our website www.expensepoint.com.  We would appreciate an idea of your typical job cost for this kind of work.

Finally: We would ask that you contact us through the Behance site and not through our website 'Contact Us' 


Thank you for considering this opportunity.


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