Marketing Content Associate

Posted: May 22, 2020

The role of the marketing content associate is the development of written communications items for print, website, social media and video. The Marketing Content Associate will be responsible for writing and proofreading a wide variety of marketing items as well as ongoing review and posting of content to the PA Cyber social channels. Other scheduled tasks include the creation, editing and review of monthly newsletter, website updates and social media account posting coordination and interdepartmental collaboration.

? Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Marketing, Writing, Journalism, or related field with relevant work experience
? Master's Degree in Communications, Marketing, or related field is a plus
? Minimum of four years' work experience or the equivalent in communications, including writing, proofreading, content creation and implementation using multiple communication channels (digital, social media, print, and video)
? Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, WordPress or other content management systems, electronic publishing software, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube
? Experience with Adobe Design Suite preferred
? Proficiency with email marketing development and management general understanding of graphic design, photography and video editing skills are a plus
? Google certification is a plus
? Innovative, collaborative, and results oriented
? Very strong writing and proofreading skills including great attention to detail; proven interviewing skills, ability to write clearly and compellingly for varied audiences
? Hands on experience in web and social media strategy with the ability to support and enhance content development and implementation efforts
? Child Abuse Clearance; Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Clearance

? Write compelling stories, summaries, articles blog postings and presentations for various PA Cyber
initiatives, trainings, and events
? Manage a communications contact database
? Create press releases and media interactions
? Generate content for website and social media; proactively and systematically review and develop
web and social media content
? Translate sometimes complex public policy and advocacy language into stories that will connect with
intended audiences
? Write and proofread PA Cyber's collateral as assigned
? Assist marketing team with creating written outreach and marketing materials for events
? Assist in creating compelling presentations, PowerPoints, and written materials needed for
conferences and speaking engagements of senior staff
? Communicate and work effectively with various departments to accomplish assigned tasks
? Monitor and respond to social channels regularly and on an ongoing basis
? Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, handle a variety of tasks simultaneously
? Attend meetings as requested
? Travel as required, must be able to travel
? Work extended hours as needed or requested
? Perform any additional duties deemed necessary to meet the ongoing needs of the organization by
the Director of Marketing and Communications

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