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Posted: Jun 24, 2020

Delin Design is looking to add a new member to our team of creative designers. An ideal candidate for our firm should have 2+ years of design experience under their belt, as well as the ability to perform a number of different design services. These range from branding, logo design, print design, website design and digital marketing services such as display and social media graphics. Website development knowledge is a considerable plus.

About Delin Design

Delin Design is a brand development and digital agency headquartered in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. For over 24 years Delin Design has provided premium creative solutions to clients spanning a variety of industries. We attribute our success to our relentless pursuit of truly knowing and understanding the needs of our clients. Our firm serves as a partner that is equally intent on meeting our clients' goals as they are, and is represented by a talented and thought-worthy team of professionals.

Working at Delin Design

As a group of multi-disciplined creative type-A's, we each wear many hats and juggle many different tasks, projects, and clients throughout the day. The ability to think on one's feet, handle projects for multiple clients, manage time wisely, and maintain a high-level of quality creative is an expectation for team members of all experience levels.

In today's ever-changing "new normal" our office has shifted to operating as a remote agency. While our designers are all from the Providence area, we have been able to adjust to the demands of working from home without skipping a beat or missing a deadline. Though we are all working from the comforts of our own homes, as a team we are in constant communication through email, Slack and digital conferencing.

Job Description

  • Building and growing our clients' brands through quality design solutions
  • Creative concepting with an emphasis on not only great design, but thoughtful and strategic execution
  • Working directly with clients to understand project goals and to present creative
  • Contributing and collaborating with team members on creative projects
  • 40-50 hour work weeks
  • 401K contribution
  • 2 weeks of paid vacation


  • 2+ years of experience in the field of graphic design
  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • A solid understanding of Microsoft Office programs (most notably Word & PowerPoint)
  • Web development skills are a major plus (including WordPress & HubSpot experience)
  • Video production and animation skills are also a welcome plus

Admired Traits

  • Open, honest, and willing to give and take constructive feedback.
  • An ability to adapt to what each day brings. Clients are always expecting you to hit it out of the park when they throw you a curve ball, and you should always expect this of yourself.
  • A self-starting mentality to make the most out of every project.
  • Thoroughness and expert attention to detail.

Job Requirements

  • A competent computer to use the necessary design programs, as well as a reliable Internet connection
  • A camera and microphone for digital conferencing
  • 40-50 hour work weeks

More Information

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