Apple: Photos - Apps and User Experience Software Engineer at Apple (Cupertino, CA) (Cupertino, CA)

Posted: May 27, 2021

iPhone is the most popular camera in the world, and the Photos team builds a set of best in class features to highlight the amazing images that it can produce. The flawless integration of software and hardware has led to magical experiences in features like Memories and Portrait Mode. The Photos team focuses on building new user-experiences that also leverage computer vision and machine learning based image processing. Our team works hard on products that ship to millions of people - We are looking for people who want to do the same!

Our team focuses on building experiences that allow users to organize and share with their loved ones the experiences they capture and enhance with their creativity. This includes features like Share Sheet, Import/Export, Sharing Suggestions, Shared Albums, iCloud Photos. Our team develops features across the iOS, macOS and tvOS platforms. We are looking for an engineer who is excited to help create new experiences for our users to gift their content to others. As users are capturing more and more photos & videos, and we find better ways to relive it, we want to make sure we provide innovative and scalable ways of sharing this content. These features touch the lives of millions of customers and we work closely with design, computer vision, and machine learning technologies to build something great!

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