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Posted: May 12, 2022

This is a project-based job. I'm looking for a Photoshop/Illustrator expert who can help me retouch/edit/stylize a photo that's very precious to me. That, and help me create a logo out of the same picture. Here's the story:

I'm in the beginning stages of launching my production company and I just decided on my parent company name?Storybound Studios?for what will eventually grow into a "branded house" company. So now I need help with:

  1. Editing the picture I'm using for the main company image.
  2. Editing a companion picture with the same style.
  3. Creating a few logos out of the main image for my business card, website, etc.

I absolutely cannot overstate how special this picture is to me. It's a photo taken of me and my little brother, Jacob. My dad took it when we were on a day hike in Mount Rainier National Park back in the 80s. So when Jacob died in November 2002, I rediscovered it and immediately latched onto the photo like my life depended on it.

Six weeks after he died, I started my journey to become a filmmaker. I promised myself that, one day, I'd start a production company and I'd use the picture for my company's main image, identity, etc. It's been a rough ride since I started in 2003, but now I'm finally getting things on track.

So, my dad gave me the negatives a few years ago and we had them scanned. Based on what I'm seeing at the Finder level, they're both JPEGs at 6774x4492 dimensions, 72x72 resolution. When I say "both," there's the main company picture that shows me and Jacob running down a trail, then a full shot (head to toe) picture of me and Jacob smiling for the camera?taken right after my dad took the picture of us running down the trail.

Here are my initial thoughts on what I'd like to do with the main image:

  1. Remove the logo on the back of my white t-shirt.
  2. Make all of the grass look as green as it does in the foreground.
  3. Maybe add some blur in the background for a shallower depth of field look.
  4. Maybe try a few color styles/filters. I tend to like the monochromatic with a splash of color look, but one of my photographer friends said that style has become cliché. So I'm open to ideas.

After the main image is edited and approved, give the same treatment to the companion photo of me and Jacob smiling for the camera, except that I'm curious about removing all logos on the front of our clothing.

For the logo part of the job, my initial thoughts are:

  1. Mask out most of the scenery to isolate me and Jacob and transform our bodies into a sketch/illustration style, something similar to how Tomorrow's Filmmakers did it:
  2. Create a logo of just me and Jacob in that sketch/illustrated style
  3. Create another logo in that same style, but with a "Storybound Studios" title added to it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and consider the job. I'm really hoping to find someone who is not only a image-editing expert, but someone who has a heart for this kind of story because this is honestly the beginning of my life's work.

Thank you!

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