Prototypes of Products - 2D and 3D

Posted: Mar 20, 2017

Our company is seeking an individual who has experience creating extremely detailed drawing, illustrations and renderings of various products. They may range from a can of soup to a complicated refrigerator or washing machine. We are seeking someone who has the expertise and experience with such designs. The drawings you create would be used, must be used, in order to create a mock-up of the product(s) in rubber, plastic, aluminum or other types of materials in order to provide the molds that can be used to create and manufacture the final product. You should be able to render fairly quickly, speak flawless english and have an environment that is condusive to meetings - weekly - until product is finished.  You will be paid via bank wire or paypal on the 1st of each month. You should have a solid list of references that will be checked, works that have your name on them that you were the only designer, or only designer who turned a 2D rendering or photo into a 3D product.  Everything we are doing is under stealth mode, you must not share any of our designs, concepts or anything with anyone. Should you be interested, the first step would be for you to execute a rock solid non-compete, confidentiality agreement to ensure our client's work is not shared with chinese or USA competitors. Time is of the essence but costs are as well.  If you can start fairly quickly (within next week or two) and have the portfolio to demonstrate) please send us both.  Stealth Mode Director

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Source: Behance

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