React Front-End Developer

Posted: Jun 8, 2021

We're currently offering a remote full time position 40hrs per week for front end developers. This position mainly includes projects like:

  • Coding React Applications including Websites using Next JS and Gatsby
  • Maintaining our React Component Library (Theme UI, React Testing Library)
  • Implementing Animations using GSAP and Framer Motion

We offer up to a 1500$ salary per month and are paying for a place at your local co-working spot if you have one.

About us:
Our team works remotely. "Remote" means that you have the choice to work from your home office, or from a beautiful co-working space. In our culture, our strong team, mutual support and a combination of freedom and responsibility are paramount. Despite a modern StartUp feeling, we offer you a secure working environment with flat hierarchies and performance-oriented appreciation. You will get extensive opportunities for further training, will be supported in your development and can grow personally.

We're looking for people who are able to take a design and code it to perfection. You should also be able to understand animations and know how to implement them. Therefore we're looking for someone with a strong background in:

  • React JS, Javascript
  • Theme UI
  • React Testing Library / Cypress
  • Gatsby, Next JS
  • NPM, Webpack, Rollup

Also you need to be fluid in English and know how to read values out of Figma.


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