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Posted: Sep 2, 2020

Everyday Speech is a leader in Social-Emotional Learning. Primarily selling to public schools, our digital Social-Emotional Learning curriculum helps students regulate their emotions, solve problems, cope with the stresses of modern life, and interact with the world around them. Our Social Learning Platform is used by tens of thousands of educators across the country and around the world.

As a fully remote team, we have employees around the world and encourage a modern work approach - one that is flexible and empathetic while maintaining high standards and accountability.


The design needs for Everyday Speech fall into 3 domains:

  • Design of the Application UI
    • We create professional tools that are used by educators on a daily basis. Every new feature we release has the ability to help an entire generation of learners solve problems, deal with stress and anxiety, and build foundational skills that will last them a lifetime. You'll work to make sure we're optimizing both the educator's experience - making it easy for them to deliver high-quality lessons, and the student's experience - providing them the ability to learn in an engaging and effective way.
  • Design of Educational Materials
    • Going beyond worksheets and textbooks, we create innovative teaching materials that use games, video and other modalities to engage students. You'll work alongside our clinicians to design materials for students from Kindergarten through High School. From digital workbooks to interactive videos, you'll be improving students lives by creating fun ways for them to learn critical skills such as empathy, mindfulness and self-esteem.
  • Design of Marketing Assets
    • In the past 2 years, we have seen massive growth in the use of our platform across the world. You'll have the opportunity to define our visual messaging for marketing and communications, spreading our tools to even more students who stand to benefit from using the Social Learning Platform.


Short term, you'll have an opportunity to make an immediate impact on the teaching materials that hundreds of thousands of students use everyday. From designing interactive games and printable materials to working on our web & iOS apps, your work will not be limited by a specific modality.

  • Comb through internal research to truly understand our audiences and what their needs are.
  • Take initial project goals and lead design initiatives for the team - ideate multiple design directions, build out components and iterate until final layouts are complete.
  • Work with the clinical team, game designers and content managers to create student-facing materials that build on our current library.
  • Create functional specifications for interfaces, with a focus on the small details such as button states, error messaging and integrated onboarding (ex. tool-tips).
  • Work with the development team on implementation across web and iOS environments.
  • Create prototypes for new material types, such as interactive video.
  • Understand our design system and create landing pages and other assets to further our marketing goals.


Long term, you will be the leader of visual design systems at Everyday Speech. Working across departments, you will consolidate our visual style and create systems that allow it to scale to freelancers and non-designers.

  • Work with the Head of Product to create systems and tools for design at Everyday Speech (ex. Libraries for design assets, User testing guides, etc.)
  • Hire freelancers to fill in project gaps (ex. Illustrators)
  • Take on larger projects that expand our team's capabilities (ex. Lead a photoshoot to capture marketing images, create a design asset library, etc.)
  • Use Systems Thinking skills to build for scale - work with developers to create scalable components that can be used across multiple projects.
  • Be a champion for design, pushing Everyday Speech to deliver the best experience in education and make an impact on an entire generation of learners.




What We're Looking For:
The ability to...

  • Provide value within the first month by having a firm grasp of UI design best practices from the start.
  • Balance strategic thinking with visual beauty. Projects should be visually engaging, but also usable and always built to solve the problem at hand. A dedication to accessibility guidelines and a focus on user testing to question assumptions.
  • Focus on shipping - balance your desire to make things pixel perfect vs. knowing when things are good enough.
  • Respond to feedback from a variety of sources, both visual and strategic (UX).
  • Question workflows that are inefficient and create systems that make you and the rest of the team more effective.
  • Solve problems independently while also highlighting the areas where you need feedback / second opinions.
  • Think small and big at the same time. How can we turn this worksheet around in a few days, but also create a design system so that future worksheets can be templatized?
  • Empathize with our end users (teachers & students) and put their needs first in everything you create.
  • Never be satisfied - constantly strive to improve visually and innovate strategically. Learn quickly and embrace change.


Other Notes:

  • We're open to US and international (contractor) hires, but you must be able to work US / ET hours.
  • A paid trial project will be included in the interview process.
  • Starting salary is $75000
  • For your application to be considered, please start your cover letter with the words "Social Skills."


More About Us:

  • We're a 100% remote company, and we encourage travel by our employees.
  • We're an idea meritocracy.
  • We're building something that will have a major impact on education and the health and wellness of millions of kids around the world.
  • We're changing every day, and learning a lot along the way.

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