Seeking a talented & ambitious graphic studio for a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Posted: Jan 6, 2023

NOTE! All applications must be in ENGLISH and a mutual confidentiality agreement must be signed before the interview stage.

Contacting DOCKNLOCK or its members outside of Behance will result in immediate application withdrawal. (don't spam us peeps it's not cool)

BRIIIDG is the worlds newest mobility startup.

We've spent the past 24 months developing some of the planets most cutting edge EV and PLEV charging/storage devices and are now ready to reveal our products to the public at large. In the summer of 2023 we will launch our all new website and product configurator where potential clients can discover as well as customize and order a host of innovative solutions for electric bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, car and van charging/storage as well as battery swapping for fleet enterprises.

We're still in our embryonic stages and haven't yet developed a go to market visual identity for BRIIIDG. The docknlock website is more of a temporary place holder to give interested investors or collaborators an idea of what we do. However despite this we have developed a number of powerful themes around the companies mission and values. We now want to translate these into a style guide that governs the creation of the following:


1. Logo

2. Enterprise website: UX/UI

3. Product website: UX/UI

4. Product configurator: UX/UI

5. Product Images & video

6. Brand asset integration


  1. Logo Revision
  2. Andriod & IOS Applicaion
  3. Landing Site

We're looking for a truly exceptional creative designer or agency who specialize in user engagement aesthetics to develop a complete brand design that delivers:

1. An entirely new BRIIIDG discovery website and video story

2. The creation of an entirely new product configurator showcasing our P I W I R devices in all their glory

The selected team must deliver consistent high-end simplicity (think TESLA) across differing platforms, as well as design style integration across visual assets. BRIIIDG is building what will effectively be a utility service, routing and scheduling worldwide user access to our docking solutions: as they are deployed.

We specifically require:

1. Artistic direction

2. User experience wire-framing

3. User Interface deign & prototyping

4 Motion Graphics

5 Story boarding


The product you will be showcasing is ENTIRELY novel (as in patented) and the FIRST of its kind. So you will likely make a name for yourself.

The product website and comprising deployment configurator is an industry FIRST

The experience website docknlock and it's sister application will employ an untested brand strategy.

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