Alloy: Senior Back End Developer at Alloy (New York, NY) (New York, NY)

Posted: Feb 17, 2020

Alloy is where you belong!

The Role

Alloy's product can be roughly divided into two sides—a Python Django web app and a Node.js API. We're looking for help maintaining and building out features for the latter (and really the former, too, but that's a different job, and if that sounds fun then you should talk to my colleague Scott).

  • Create new API features!

    • Work with customers and the business side of the house to help design and build new features!

  • Build new integrations with third-party data sources!

    • Have you integrated with the APIs of all three major credit bureaus? I have!

  • Bugfixes!

    • What went wrong? How can we make sure it never happens again? We live for the root-cause analysis after getting things back up and running for our customers as soon as possible!

  • It's a small team—the definition of the role is somewhat flexible and will grow to reflect your own strengths and interests!

What We're Looking For

  • 5+ years real-world experience

  • While we like to think of ourselves as "platform-agnostic" in our hiring process, realistically it helps top have experience with our tech stack, including:

    • Node.js (the language you'll be working in)

    • Experience working with and integrating third-party APIs

    • SQL (Postgres but it's really all the same at the end of the day)

    • Git or a similar version control system

    • AWS (we do have a dedicated DevOps person but it's good to at least have a passing knowledge of how your code will be running in production)

    • Know your way around a command line

  • Teamwork experience!

    • We're open to people whose experience is mainly on personal projects and/or contracting but we'd really like someone who has experience working with a team

  • College degree in computer science is helpful, but not necessary (my boss has a degree in history or something and he's doing just fine)

More Information

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