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Posted: Oct 13, 2021

Welcome to the Creative Team at CarGurus. If you're wondering why you haven't heard of us, it's because we're new and this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. We're the creative force behind automotive industry's leading car-shopping brand and we're looking for a talented senior designer. But enough about us, let's talk about you.

You are a designer with a heartfelt desire to roll up your sleeves, figure things out, and be hands on. You're a wonderful craftsmen well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite and other emerging platforms, but know where your skillset ends. You have no shame when it's time to call upon superior typographers, artists, illustrators, photographers, directors, and coders?and often look for opportunities to do so. Your portfolio has solid examples of traditional work amplified by successful digital extensions. You know award-winning work is paramount, but you also know it needs to solve a business problem.

With that said, you probably have questions. Which is great. Because we already have answers.

Are we going to go into a long description about the job responsibilities?


Why not?

Because you clicked on a job posting for a Senior Designer. So we assume you know what that means, and you're not an ostrich farmer who likes to send resumes to jobs you know nothing about. You have a portfolio, experience working with marketing teams, and you know how to apply your skills.

So what exactly would you be doing?

You'll partner with other members of the marketing team to go on a creative rampage throughout the automotive industry. Basically, you'll take video, social, brand id, and everything else, all the way from fragile concept to exquisite execution.

How many years of experience do you need?

Enough to be really good. If you're a toddler that knows how to execute on high level marketing concepts, deliver layouts so beautiful they should be in an art museum, and conjure masterful ideas that can convey complex problems and solutions, then you're hired. We might suggest using your obvious genius for a greater good, but design and art direction in the automotive world is important, too.

So, is this an agency job, an in-house job, or what?

Well, we don't have to answer to clients who don't understand what creatives actually do. It doesn't take millions of meetings to talk about the idea, agree on the idea, then make the idea. You'll be working with agency veterans who have a true appreciation for great work and effective processes. We operate with less red tape than you'd traditionally find and, oh, we go home enough that we can remember what our loved ones actually look like.

Why does job posting make you want to click the button and send us your resume?

Because we came here to do two things. Bend the rules, create great work, and hire a designer.

Isn't that three things?

We told you we bend rules around here.

If you're still reading this and it sounds like you'd be a good fit, send us your resume, portfolio, social media account, or anything else that proves you're worthy.

(Don't have a portfolio? Apply at your own risk.)

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