Nano 3 Labs: Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer (Vancouver)

Posted: Jul 11, 2018

Looking for an early-stage company? Not too small, not too big, about to take off. The kind of company that helps other companies be great and build amazing products? A place where you can make a difference and have your voice heard? We are looking for a tech lead with strong experience in React/Rails. The position requires excellent problem solving skills when leading other senior and junior developers. We are looking for a person that has seen a product cycle several times and understands the different roles involved in building an outstanding product.


Nano 3 Labs is a digital product development studio specializing in React/React Native frontends and Rails backends. Currently we have two tech leads but our business is expanding and we need another tech lead to guide our senior and junior developers. While we are strong believers in focus and discipline, we do occasionally explorer other promising technologies. For example, PictureThat was built with Swift + ARKit. Finally, we love live streams every Apple Event and watching DHH’s RailsConf talks.


- You'll have a voice, opinions aren’t just welcome, they're expected 
- You'll choose your own equipment 
- No politics, no posers: open, honest, I've-got-your-back environment


- Once upon a time you were noobie 
- But then you tried really hard, banging your head against the wall 
- Then things come together, omg it is working! 
- Then you realized you wrote lots of bad code, 
- Then you learned software building principles, 
- Then you built maintainable structures, 
- Then you repeat and do this again, and again 
- And then you realized that one person might go fast, but with a team, you can go far 
- And Now, you are ready to lead a team 


-You should thrive in agile, iterative development, mockups to production 
-You should have mastery over Rails and React projects 


- React/React Native and Rails 
- Design Custom Solutions for Clients 


- Contract for first 3 months leading to full-time 
- A competitive base salary 
- A very flexible vacation policy 
- Custom workstation designed to your needs 
- A beautiful office in downtown Vancouver and a talented team 

Interested in or already successful in pair programming? Let us know. Lastly, if you just talk about new tech and don't actually originate or experiment with it, we're not your company. We're looking for the curious who commit to learning by doing.

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