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Posted: Sep 11, 2020

Qualdesk is redefining how product, design and engineering teams work together.

We're building a platform that combines the power of a spreadsheet with the flexibility of a whiteboard, connected to all of the tools people already use. We're making all enterprise software truly collaborative.

We want our tools to enable people to work naturally and fluidly, supporting human thinking and interaction rather than getting in the way. This creates big expectations both about the front-end experience and the way we deal with data and integrations, and we're looking for people who can help us tackle these challenges.

Our values

Qualdesk is still a young company. Our values and culture are still evolving, and what is true today may not be true in the future. We encourage every member of our team to help us shape what we believe and the way we work.

Here are seven things that are important to us now:

  • We are user-focused
  • We are ambitious
  • We are positive by default
  • We value progress over perfection
  • We are asynchronous by default
  • We know that diversity builds better everything
  • We build our workplace like we build our products

What you'll be doing

You'll be among the very first hires at Qualdesk, and as a result you'll help the founders, Peter and ?ukasz, shape not only the design culture but also the fundamentals of how we work together as a business.

Peter's background is in product management and consulting, and ?ukasz is an experienced engineering leader, and we've both worked in environments with a strong design culture and with a big focus on user research. We're building Qualdesk to solve problems we've encountered throughout our careers.

In this role, you'll be responsible for solving a wide range of design challenges, including:

  • acting as a user research advocate, and putting our users' needs at the heart of design decision making
  • balancing user needs with those of the business
  • creating rough sketches and prototypes to help the whole team explore new solution ideas
  • translating prototypes into user flows and high-fidelity designs
  • working closely with our software engineers to create awesome and beautiful front-end experiences
  • establishing and evolving the Qualdesk brand identity


We don't care about formal education or how many years you have worked as a professional, but we expect that:

  • you have experience of working in a technology company
  • you're excited about the prospect of working in an early-stage startup
  • you are able to put yourself in our users' shoes and to build empathy through planning, executing and analysing user research
  • you have experience in and enjoy working in cross-functional teams in an Agile environment
  • you have experience working at all levels of fidelity, from rough sketches to polished production design
  • you are a great communicator who feels comfortable sharing your ideas and perspectives with others within the team


£50,000 ? £60,000 dependent on experience


  • 30 holiday days per year (in addition to bank holidays)
  • 5% company pension contribution
  • High spec MacBook Pro with full admin rights, 4K screen, keyboard and mouse (and any other tech you might need to do your job)
  • Professional Development Allowance
  • Equity package

Working at Qualdesk

We value the balance between work and personal life and plan our work and roadmap against a 40-hour working week. While there might be times when you're expected to work longer hours, these will be exceptions.

Office Location

Between your hiring date and the end of 2020

  • You can work remotely from any suitable location in the UK, which means somewhere where:
  • you have a high-speed internet connection suitable for video calling.
  • you have a quiet and comfortable place to work.

We will ask you to travel to central London for meetings and other face-to-face working sessions with the team. Likely to be for a minimum of 1 working day out of every 10 and may be 'front loaded' so that we can spend a bit more time together when you first start.

You'll be able to observe local public holidays in your remote working location.

From 1 January 2021

  • Primary work location will be in central London and as a guide, we currently anticipate that you'll be in the office for 2/3 working days out of every 5.
  • We're building Qualdesk to be a fully remote-enabled company, and as one of our first hires you'll help us to shape how this works in practice. If it proves that 3/5 days in the office is a stupid idea, we'll change the policy together.

Hiring and interview process

Our goal is to give you complete clarity about our process, and to treat all applicants fairly and with respect.

Stage 1: Telephone screening

A member of our team will have a 20-minute call with you to understand your background, what you think you're good at and what kind of working environment you're searching for.

Stage 2: Meet the team

You will meet both of the founders over a video call. This stage will take 2 hours and can be split into two sessions over the course of one day to make scheduling easier.

We will ask you questions about your experience and find out why you're a good candidate for the role. You'll have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about Qualdesk.

We will ask you to show us work from your portfolio that you're particularly proud or happy with. This could be:

  • because it took you a long time to crack the problem
  • because you're particularly happy with the result
  • because you solved something that is very difficult

You should include:

  • at least one example that illustrates how you used insights from user research to solve a design or UX problem
  • at least one example of high-fidelity visual design

They can be from the same portfolio piece, or from different pieces ? it's entirely up to you.

We will ask you to talk us through your process and will ask questions about your solution.

The next day we will either:

  • Ask you to confirm contact details for 2-3 references, or
  • Let you know that you haven't been successful and why

We aim to complete referencing calls within a week, and will then either:

  • Send you an offer letter, or
  • Let you know that the references weren't sufficiently positive for us to proceed

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