AdhereTech: Senior Software Engineer at AdhereTech (New York, NY) (New York, NY)

Posted: Feb 20, 2020

AdhereTech creates tailored support programs for patients on the world's most crucial medications. These programs are driven by our award-winning, patented device: the smart pill bottle. Our intelligent system automatically delivers customized text messages, phones calls, live pharmacist support, and more to promote patient adherence to vital medications. AdhereTech is always free for patients, which allows us to achieve our company mission.

Although we are an IoT company that makes a high-tech medical device, we consider ourselves a software and data company. We are collecting information about how people take their medications that has never before been analyzed on this scale. This allows us to understand patient behavior in ways that were previously impossible, and to continuously improve the patient experience.

About the position

As a Software Engineer, you’ll be part of an agile team that designs and implements containerized software to run on our Kubernetes clusters and serverless platforms, solves challenging problems, and scales and optimizes our software architecture. You'll create and own new microservices, but will also implement data pipelines to process data that only AdhereTech has gathered at this scale. You’ll also be able to contribute to the projects and areas that you feel most passionate about, propose new ideas, and start your own initiatives. We are looking for people who want to grow fast and make a big impact in the company with their work.

What we currently use

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Kubernetes

  • CloudBuild, Helm, Spinnaker, and Jenkins

  • Terraform

  • Go

  • PostgreSQL

  • Redis

  • Protocol Buffers

  • OpenCensus

What we’re building

These are some projects we are currently working on:

  • A scalable and easy to use data platform that our customers and data analysts can use to securely query and transform live production data.

  • New ML-powered systems that can manage IoT devices in real time, interact with customers and patients, and trigger action items for users and our support team.

  • New internal platforms for product distribution and team collaboration.

  • Faster and more powerful APIs and SDKs for internal use and customer integrations. We are adding support for new programming languages and prototyping new technologies, such as gRPC and GraphQL.


  • You will design, implement, improve and deploy software to the cloud.

  • You will take on hard technical problems by yourself and solve them however you think best; we're a results-oriented team, so you'll manage your time and resources how you think is best.

  • You will mentor junior developers and even bring new talent you trust (we're growing fast!).

  • You’ll start new projects and evaluate tools you want to bring to our stack.


  • 6+ years of programming real world applications, production support, and operations

  • Experience developing large systems with microservices 

  • Significant experience with Java and/or C/C++

  • Experience with distributed systems 

  • DevOps experience 

  • Experience in API design with REST and gRPC

  • Able to build quality CICD pipelines with fearless deployments from scratch

  • Intimate knowledge of navigating around Kubernetes clusters

  • Intimate knowledge of testing, knowing when to correctly use stubs and mocks, as well as end-to-end testing integrations between systems and services

  • Intimate knowledge of Git; maintain clean histories with meaningful messages, resolving conflicts is second nature, and able to cleanly get yourself out of trouble without resorting to brute force methods

  • Understands how to use test coverage analysis as part of day to day development workflow

  • Truly proud of your SQL skills

  • Working understanding of computer networking concepts


  • Experience writing Helm charts

  • Experience writing GCP CloudBuild pipelines

  • Able to support and maintain Ruby on Rails applications

  • Able to write clear and concise documentation

  • Very comfortable with navigating around shell sessions (bash, tcsh, ksh, etc.) and implementing scripts in bash or perl

Benefits & Compensation

  • Health insurance for you & your dependents

  • Monthly company activities

  • Healthy office food and snacks

  • Unlimited vacation & flexible work hours

  • Pre-tax commuter account

  • 401K Plan

  • Competitive salary and participation in our equity incentive program

  • Dog friendly Fridays

More Information

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