Eigen Technologies: Senior Software Engineer at Eigen Technologies (New York, NY) (New York, NY)

Posted: Jan 23, 2020

Eigen Technologies is improving businesses all through using data! They're building exciting products in the Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing spaces. Their product uses NLP/ML to turn qualitative data into actionable intelligence

Looking for talented Python/React engineers but are are open to motivated and capable engineers who are open to learning the codebase!

What you’ll do:

  • Writing code - Python and React

  • Meeting new clients to understand their needs and technical requirements

  • Pair programming your way through difficult problems

  • Planning the design of a new feature or solution 

  • Leading the squad working on it throughout the whole development life cycle

  • Partnering closely with our product engineers, scientists, our ML stack and the product team to define and build new solutions

  • Mentoring junior engineers

You have:

  • You're passionate about learning. You care deeply about broadening your horizons and developing yourself

  • You enjoy solving interesting problems

  • You like variety and have a passion for working on meaningful things

  • You accept feedback from people who care about your growth and happiness.

  • You enjoy leadership, both technical and personal.

You are:  

  • You are cool under pressure and comfortable adapting to new circumstances in a dynamic and demanding work environment. 

  • You stay on top of details and timelines and communicate early and often with other stakeholders. 

  • You get excited about creating processes. (It’s a peculiar taste, we know!) You love the idea of making yourself and your team more efficient and thus able to take on greater challenges over time. 

  • You form close working relationships with colleagues and partners based on kindness, understanding, and mutual respect. 

  • You put effort into whatever it is you take up 

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