MongoDB: Senior Software Engineer (Cloud) at MongoDB (New York, NY) (New York, NY)

Posted: Mar 18, 2017

The Cloud Services team develops software to run MongoDB at global scale. Our software allows customers to deploy fault-tolerant, globally distributed MongoDB clusters in just minutes.

Our latest product, MongoDB Atlas, provides a turnkey database as a service. Engineers on the Atlas product team are responsible for writing software to provision, upgrade, and automatically heal large fleets of database servers containing customer's MongoDB instances. All of this must be done across multiple Cloud Providers (i.e. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud).

The team provides opportunities to focus on back-end development or be fullstack.


  • Be a self-starter with a passion for technology and a burning desire to constantly improve yourself, the product, and the codebase

  • Design, implement, and test features for MongoDB Atlas

  • Work in an agile team environment with a fast release cycle

  • Assist our Ops team to troubleshoot operational issues with MongoDB Atlas production deployments

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