Senior UX Designer

Posted: Jul 14, 2020

Job Description:

The UX Design Team at Dexcom in San Diego, California is looking for a Sr. UX Designer to help us build meaningful digital products for healthcare to improve the lives of people with diabetes. We're the industry leader for continuous glucose monitoring, and our apps help people with diabetes, their family, healthcare providers and others that care for them around the world better manage the condition.


You will use design to help improve the lives of our users. As a member of the Product Design team, you will be creating compelling experiences and promoting User Experience Design across Dexcom. You will follow the principles of user-centric design thinking, with a focus on making data meaningful and actionable for our users. You will engage in a wide variety of strategic and tactical activities. You will help to craft intuitive workflows and processes for users of Dexcom apps. You will lead sustaining products through design improvements and next-generation products through innovative design and prototyping. You will help us leverage our Design System. You will work closely with our User Research and Human Factors teams to build prototypes for user testing, then iterate based on the findings. You will have the opportunity to both learn from existing members of the team and mentor your future colleagues.

About the team:

We are a multi-disciplinary team of user experience designers, industrial designers, visual designers, user researchers and instructional designers. We collaborate closely with each other, the engineering team, and product management. Our work informs and transforms the power of Dexcom's innovative Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) into intuitive interactions and experiences for people with diabetes. We operate on the forefront of digital health, leveraging the power of data to help improve the lives of patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. We create highly usable products that make a true impact on millions of people around the world who are affected by diabetes. We are passionate about quality, usability, simplicity, and actionability. We work to provide delightful and accessible products. We address complex user needs, including the display of data and insights across multiple software and hardware platforms. The design team has offices in San Diego and Portland and works remotely with designers around the world.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Advocate for the users, both patients with diabetes and those that support them.
  • Develop app workflows and prototypes (from rough comps thru refined specifications) to communicate app functionality to stakeholders and support Human Factors testing.
  • Socialize new design ideas and help gain alignment from stakeholders.
  • Understand the world of mobile app design and consider user interface design and interaction design when designing UX workflows.
  • Help users understand the significance of data by communicating visually, verbally, and via interactions.
  • Collaborate closely with development engineers to make sure designs are implemented as intended across iOS, Android and Web apps.
  • Help others to make UX design decisions for mobile and wearable interfaces.
  • Plan and support early research activities that align with business goals, uncover customer needs that result in actionable recommendations that drive user-centered ideation, definition and iteration.
  • Design and support early stage design direction definition activities, including creating personas or experience models, and leading brainstorming sessions.
  • Conduct and participate in ideation and collaborative workshops as required.
  • Translate research findings into design recommendations and communicate results to interdisciplinary project teams.
  • Assist with project planning and resourcing. Define UX design scope, project milestones and schedules to integrate into the development schedule.
  • Track design activities for multiple projects to maintain understanding of changing project needs.

Required Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of UX/UI design experience, including apps for iOS/Android
  • Expertise with modern design and prototyping tools; Sketch, Abstract, InVision, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.
  • Advanced knowledge of designing for mobile apps, Design Systems and experience using Material Design or iOS HIG.
  • Understanding the challenges building products that need to serve iOS and Android platforms with speaking one holistic design language.
  • Knowledge of Agile methodologies. Familiar with breaking down UX designs into Epics and Stories.
  • Passion for design and creating new products by addressing user needs.
  • Excited to learn. Up-to-date knowledge of UX trends and abreast of competitor products and industry trends. Interest in new technology and software for improved design efficiency and quality.
  • Thrive in highly collaborative, fluid, fast-paced corporate environment
  • Strong communication skills. Able to discuss tradeoffs between design options. Able to communicate ideas and designs to wider audiences unfamiliar with design processes.
  • Advanced critical thinking. Willingness to ask, "Why are we doing this?" and apply problem-solving skills.
  • Effectively manage time, prioritize tasks, and work within deadlines.
  • Able to take ownership and lead product design.
  • Able to write user stories based on UX Designs and Requirements.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Health tech experience or consumer products experience
  • Experience thinking about or designing for accessibility using WCAG 2.0 or 2.1
  • Knowledge in the formal elements of UI design: color, layout, balance, proportion, rhythm, typography, iconography, emphasis, and unity
  • Knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, Swift.
  • Knowledge of animating using After Effects/Lottie, Haiku.

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