Lone Wolf Technologies: Senior UX Designer at Lone Wolf Technologies (Dallas, TX) (Dallas, TX)

Posted: Nov 7, 2019


As a UX designer, you have a passion for intuitive interfaces that solve problems. You advocate for users needs while keeping usability and efficiency top of mind. This UX position requires a tedious attention to detail, but also the ability to grasp the big picture goals of large enterprise ecosystems. As a member of the UX team, you will work closely with Product leaders and Engineers to create some of the most innovative, sought-after products in the real estate market.

Excitingly, you will have access to build with (and contribute to!) our in-house-built design system: Helix. Helix is a system of UI components that enables us to build fast and maintain consistent experiences across multiple web products. Our Helix components are built for React but will soon be compatible with Angular too.


  • Apply knowledge of design hierarchy, common UI patterns, and responsive web design.
  • Brainstorm, build concepts, and iterate on them, based on a variety of feedback and user research.
  • Demonstrate strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • Self-manage and deliver assigned work within given timelines.
  • Work within the framework of an established UI design system. (See Job Summary above.)
  • Comfortably navigate a project from concept, to prototype, to presentation.
  • Experience and interest in some front-end programming languages.
  • Collaborate with Engineering teams and be comfortable making minor code edits.
  • Reasonably comfortable presenting your UI concepts to multiple groups, including Product Directors, Engineers, Project Managers, and, of course, our customers.
  • Consider others insights and work collaboratively to reach project goals.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest user experience standards.
  • Embrace and contribute to a culture of innovation, excellence and accountability.
  • Openness to further grow skills as a user experience specialist.

Skills & Requirements


  • Past experience performing and gathering real-time user validation.
  • Experience re-imagining and/or re-building outdated and/or cumbersome software.
  • History working with real estate products or applications.


  • 5 + years designing user experiences for web applications.
  • 2 + years working with programming languages.
  • (Minimum: Proficient in HTML and CSS. Preferred: Experience with SASS and React or Angular.)
  • Bachelors in related field. (Design, Art, Engineering, etc.)
  • Portfolio that clearly demonstrates your creative thinking and design style, plus your thought process, goals, or research for each project.
  • Demonstration of complex interface problem-solving.
  • Extras: Experience with JIRA, BitBucket, jQuery/Javascript, Adobe XD, or Confluence.

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