Shit-hot Graphic / Motion Designer (London-only)

Posted: Jul 1, 2020

You must send a link to your work or we won't consider you ? which we'd love to do! smile?

Be cool. If you haven't done a load of brilliant, commercial pop design (and a little motion if not a lot), then please, please be cool and do not apply. 



Own the design of everything we do. Set the bar, then evolve it then repeat that till the cows come home. You'll be the foundational god of the WeVee brand and how it lives in all our communications and other things that make us a brand that creates smiles, clarity, understanding and so much love, you can't not like us.

Advertising: First and foremost, you are a digital ads maker using awesome design and animation. Ads that live where our customers live. Ads that sell, inform and create brand love ? all at the same time. Smart, punchy, medium and format specific content that is designed to work in that channel, in that format, for that consumer.

Website: You'll create images and graphics for pages on our site. 

Content: Yes, in many ways ads are content and a lot of our ads will have a content-like approach, but we need to create a load of things that explain really abstract or complicated things to good, everyday people that just don't yet understand it. So you'll be creating work that is awesome, fun, simple, quick and wonderfully informative. Kinda like the clean Apple how-to stuff, merged with Vox's ability to explain the Iran Contra thing back in the 80's to anyone ? in about 30 seconds.

Brand Identity: You'll evolve the brand in partnership with our User Experience Designers ? but you'll own it. You'll make it scalable. Make it amazing in every single medium, channel and format our brand lives in. This is not about logos, it's about modern brand work that is made for modern brand channels. Super smart, adaptable, yet very consistent.

Comms: Aside from ads, there are load of comms that we do from emails to thanking customers to internal campaigns to partner materials to other stuff I can't remember. Now you're not gonna spend all day on this stuff, but you just need to give it the attention it needs after killing the big stuff. Our brand always has to live in everything we do. Nothing can escape it. Design is a massive part of that. So let's figure out what all that is, get some standards down and kick that little bird out of the nest to fly on its own.

Guidelines: Oh and internal guidelines, documents, emails, artwork, etc.



Look, we all know that real designers are designers for life. They're complete cursed with an obsession for clocking and analysing design in every shape and size. They can't stop judging, loving and improving anything in milliseconds.

Here are some that we'd really, really love for you to have.

  • Digital-first, Mobile-first, Pre-roll-first design. You love ads on phones that are actually worth seeing, not annoying, simple, relevant, honest and everyday. You love that more than TV ads by a million country miles.
  • Scalable brand identities that can be awesome in every single medium and format. For instance, you love the Deliveroo brand work. Love how it scales. The little animations. The little bit of character where they don't have lovely food photography. And identity that makes mundane emails still unique and that could only come from that brand.
  • You love punchy, quick, fun, simple, mobile-first, social-feedy ads.
  • We need the kinda person that bookmarks and screen-records IG ads and stories that just hit it on the head. 
  • Explaining complex things, really simply. You love Vox videos, Kurzesagt, Apple abstract work, Apple functional work, and pretty much everything else Apple does.
  • Re-targeting comms that are personalised to users and is always feeding new, more relevant ads that get them closer to clicking through and/or loving the brand so much, that they advocate the hell out of it.
  • Simple, smile-inducing design and animation that makes you forget about that crap meeting you just had and reminds you that life is good.
  • Your obsessed with commercial design, not theory, not abstract concepts, but just awesome design for brands and products. Work that is smart and sensible and is actually trying to achieve what someone wants and what we want them to achieve and isn't something that you just wanted to do and you crowbar it into the brief.

That sounds negative, but I just don't want someone that I have to remind what the work is trying to achieve. I want someone that I never have to manage because they totally get it and are easily better than me. I just do not want to get in anyones way. 



Pretty straight-forward really, you're an amazing commercial graphic design and motion design superstar that's been doing it for years and has a book to show for it. If you've done all the things in the 'Responsibilities' section really well and for a solid bit of time, then you know intimately the experience needed to smash this role. But just in case...

  • 7+ years solely creating very modern, relevant commercial design and animation creative for multiple brands.
  • Worked at content, digital, social, design, brand, motion, and/or internal brand studios / agencies of some sorts.
  • Creating brand identity and commercial brand design guidelines that made not for letterheads, but practical, everyday usage in advertising that spans across multiple channels in many formats. Basically you love brand Identity, but only if it's the best version of itself in comms and work that has to work.
  • You've designed and implemented creative work across multiple channels with a very strong focus on social ad's, content, some pre-roll stuff and display. You need to have experience and a passion for creating lovely comms in platforms that people use everyday. Mobile, mobile.
  • Working in a "think of it, sketch it out, design it, share it and run it quick" style ? where the works super tight, but fast. We don't what to linger. Over-think. More is better. Fast and test is better. 
  • Adobe everything. 
  • Would really love a little 3D experience too. 
  • A book that shows a load of work that you did directly. Not work that you did a couple elements in. Work that you've done. Not all of it has to be work that was actually produced ? I love seeing brilliant experiments on Behance. I just need to see that you're naturally shit-hot ? because I need to trust you and let you get on with it without worry about it.
  • We NEED to see great social work you made for product or retail brands.



A wee bit about WeVee

We're gonna dramatically increase the adoption of electric cars in our communities. EVs are our future and the faster we adopt them, the faster we have cleaner air, save money, set the example and become an even more awesome country. We're gonna do it very differently.


Basically we care about helping people. 

Because we're people. People that like brands that help people.

We're everyday people, living out our awesome everyday lives like everyone else. And we want someone to help us make it a bit easier. Someone to help us save money, put us first and do some of the leg work so we can spend that much more time hanging with friends, playing with the kids or sitting on the couch having a good snog.


Before you contact us...have a real think about it. 

Genuinely think about this role. Check-out the site. It's the beginning of a massive vision you'll help build. Really consider if you really think you've got the goods to smash it. We need people that know their business. People that don't wanna waste anyone's time because they 'think' they can. People that know they're good, but don't have an ego. We'd just really appreciate you contacting us if you really think you're right for the job.

We're trying to build a cool place to work.

We didn't quit our jobs, at the height of our careers, to start a boiler room. You need to enjoy your job, be fulfilled, feel like you're making a genuine difference and are part of building something that is truly successful. 

We're in the heart of Hammersmith. Now, some of you cool creative folks might say "Ugh, Hammersmith. Really?". Look, I get it. But it's cool and we've got a tight building. It's got a great view, a bar, a gym, cool workspaces and is seconds from the tube.

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