Terradepth: Software Engineer at Terradepth (Austin, TX) (Austin, TX)

Posted: Nov 9, 2019

Summary/Objective: The Software Engineer (Cloud Full-Stack) will develop cloud/web software for a new ocean data portal development. The work will include front end and some backend development. The position is part of the Terradepth engineering team.

Essential Functions:

  1. Develop the software for a website data portal. Design and code using commercial and open source frameworks and components.

  2. Work as part of a small team in the development, coding, testing and demonstrating the full data system. Follow TDD practice writing testing protocols along with the code.

  3. Participate in the evaluation and selection of cloud utilities, standards, interface protocols, and software components and tools.

  4. Engage on the technical team ensuring overall success and contributing to technical requirements documents, ICDs, and problem solutions.

  5. Responsible for your software programing including shared responsibility for system testing and inputs into associated developments.

Competencies and Skills:

  • BS Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering plus 1+ years direct experience in web development OR AS Degree or certificate plus 3+ of experience in same.

Front End Skills (needed):

  • HTML (5) + CSS

  • HTTP(S) + REST, JSON processing

  • Web Application Architecture

  • Javascript + Frameworks (such as JQuery, React, Vue, Ember, and / or Angular etc.)

  • Charting: d3, nvd3

  • User Login Portal Development

  • Familiarity with authorization and authentication protocols and tools

  • Understanding of CORS principles, and web application security in general

  • UI interface design, dashboards, and displaying figures and graphics on web layers

  • Development with Responsive / Adaptive Web Design for different front ends. Mainly desktop, but could potentially be mobile platforms also

  • 3D Visualization: three.js or equivalent is desirable

  • DESIRED: Working with Google Maps API. Optionally desired: ArcGIS Pro and Esri Cloud Platform for GIS

  • Layering on top of 3D maps using either Google Maps or ArcGIS

  • SQL query requests to backend servers

  • Developer Tools: NPM, Grunt, etc.

  • Version Control: Git

Back End Skills (optional, but desired):

  • Google Cloud Platform. Open to AWS or MS Azure platform

  • Python and NodeJS development

  • Dev Ops: Security driven backend design. GCP resource provisioning, IAM roles, Security Groups, Routes, Load Balancers, and general Networking concepts.

  • Application / Web Servers: NginX or similar, NodeJS, Python. Reverse Proxy Application servers that use Elastic IPs, Gateways, Bastion Hosts, etc. Flask and / or Django, Gateway APIs with linkage to application servers in private subnets in multi-tiered VPCs with Public and Private subnets

  • Optional: Cloud Functions / Lambda Functions

  • Familiarity with IoT concepts, Edge Computing

  • Microservices: Familiarity with microservices and event driven platform design

  • MemCache: Some familiarity with Redis is desirable

  • Streaming Data: GCP Cloud PubSub / Cloud DataFlow. Or, equivalent streaming services on other cloud platforms, such as AWS Kinesis Firehose, Kinesis Data Streams

  • Data Lake: Working with Google Cloud Storage, or AWS S3, or equivalent object store, for a general storage platform

  • NOSQL: MongoDB. Optional: Google Big Table or AWS DynamoDB

  • RDBS: SQL (PostGres - would really appreciate prior work with PostGIS plugin for GIS)

  • Data Warehouse: Google Big Query or equivalent such as AWS Redshift and / or Aurora

  • Understanding of OLTP and OLAP DBs. Table design, DB Normalization, Indexing, etc.

  • Understanding of DB design for low latency access. Geared towards geospatial data

  • Message Queues: RabbitMQ and / or Kafka

  • Optional: Containers, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Optional: ElasticSearch and Kibana - Good to have.

  • Familiarity with code orchestration tools and automated cloud deployments

 Other Requirements and Duties:

  • Dedication to development methodologies that promote working, clean code is desired.

  • Ability to pick up new interfaces, software and tools.

  • Understanding of cloud functions or big data handling is a plus.

  • Evening and weekend work may be required as job duties demand.

  • Travel is expected to be less than 20% and planned in advance.

  • Please note this job description is not comprehensive; duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.

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