Flashpoint: Software Engineer II (Delivery) at Flashpoint (New York, NY) (New York, NY)

Posted: Apr 16, 2019

What we look for:

Our best engineers are collaborative and selfless.  They enjoy writing code but they prioritize documenting and mentoring. They leave code cleaner than when they found it but don’t insist on particular patterns. They optimize for simplicity and readability. They are involved in the full lifecycle of software development: understanding the requirements, designing the solution, writing the code, testing the implementation, and deploying it to production. They are fully engaged in the problem domain.

What you will do:

As a delivery engineer, you will build software that is the closest to the customer. You must care that the interfaces you build are reliable, responsive, simple, and predictable. Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Build, maintain, and document customer-facing APIs

  • Build, maintain, and document event-driven applications that consume streaming data

  • Collaborate with the product team as well as cyber threat, fraud, and security experts to understand the problems that customers want to solve

  • Collaborate with the data and operations teams to design infrastructure that supports the APIs

  • Identify opportunities for automation and drive process improvements

Technologies you will work with:

The core responsibility of a delivery engineer is to build and maintain well-running APIs. This means you must work with:

  • API frameworks like OpenAPI, Apiary, and API Blueprint

  • Python web frameworks like Flask and Django

  • Search databases like Elasticsearch, Solr, Lucene

  • Monitoring tools like ElasticAPM, Prometheus, and Grafana

Our developers succeed when they know how their work fits in within the entire infrastructure. They integrate their work with the data team’s or operation team’s stack.  Therefore, engineers on all of our teams have a chance to work with a varied list of technologies, like:

  • Streaming pipelines using tools like Kafka, AWS MSK, and Google PubSub

  • Cloud providers like AWS and GCP

  • Containers like Docker and rkt

  • Container orchestrators like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Mesos

  • Configuration management and IaC tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and Terraform

What you will bring:

  • 5+ years experience as a software engineer

  • Proficiency in Python

  • What would make you a great fit

  • Experience with other programming languages like Scala, Golang, and Javascript

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