Software QA Tester

Posted: Jan 11, 2019

**Software QA Tester Job description** The QA Tester will ensure all digital campaigns are error-free, and provide the best possible end-user experience. **Description:** * Responsible for supporting the planning, design, documentation and execution of system testing for various types of web applications (internal, business-user-focused, and external, end-user-focused) and email campaigns. * Work collaboratively with development teams and internal business units to execute and validate that customer requirements are being met and ensure technical and business requirements are complete. * Test new applications as well as continue ongoing, repeatable testing for existing products. * Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans, test cases and procedures from requirement documents. * Perform end-to-end testing and acceptance testing as needed. * Estimate, prioritize, plan and coordinate testing activities. * Stay up-to-date with new testing tools and test strategies. * Perform manual testing: regular, regression as needed, and features functional testing on multiple devices. Nice to have: Create and perform automated regression testing, performance testing, load testing, and security testing **Requirements Skills & Qualifications:** * 3+ years experience writing test cases and test plans for web applications. * Strong experience in functional testing, usability testing, cross browser testing, negative testing, regression testing, integration testing, UI testing and system testing of web-based applications. * Experience testing complex public-facing web applications, CMSs, and emails. * Experience working with major testing frameworks. * Experience with Agile methodologies. * Strong current technical knowledge of various hardware devices, and browsers. * Ability to write and understand test plans, test cases and scenarios. * Ability to understand end user experience and context, both business and end-user. * Ability to learn, leverage and contribute web user interface enhancements. * Ability to communicate and coordinate between multiple teams with strong written and oral communication skills. * Ability to manage multiple concurrent projects/tasks and meet set deadlines. * Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision, exercising discretion and using independent judgement. * Strong attention to detail. Nice to have: 1+ year experience using automated test tools. **Are you up for the challenge?** Apply now via the [**application form**](  Visit [****]( for more information about our organization. _Agency calls are not appreciated._![](

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