EMS Software: Solutions Architect at EMS Software (Centennial, CO) (allows remote) (Centennial, CO)

Posted: Mar 20, 2017

Leveraged by millions of user every day, EMS Software manages some of the highest profile spaces in the world (including the NASDAQ bell). We are consistently delivering new features to our suite of products. We want to tackle bigger challenges and accomplish some truly amazing things. Our team is always improving our codebase and operations footprint and we have amassed a sizeable backlog of interesting challenges and product initiatives. Our team needs to grow to enable even greater success in our industry, and that is where you come in.

We are looking for a Solutions Architect for our current application stack and our future platform services portfolio. This role requires hands-on project management skills, deep technical expertise, and excellent communication skills. Your broad responsibilities will include aiding in the technical engagement with our larger customers and with external partners and integrators, the ultimate success around specific implementation roll-out, developing a deep expertise in the complexities of Event Management Software, as well as a broad know-how around how applications and services are integrated within our platform services.

The ideal candidate will possess customer-facing skills that will allow them to represent EMS in interaction with partners and drive discussions with technical personnel within the company. They will also have a technical background that enables them to easily interact and give guidance with software developers and architects. They should have a demonstrated ability to think structurally about business, product, and technical challenges.

Your First 90 Days

In your first month, as your familiarity with the product grows, your responsibilities and influence will grow as well. You will start out shadowing our senior engineers on customer-facing technical calls. Concurrently, you will collaborate with members of the development team in establishing your knowledge base around the architecture and implementation of our product and the environments that they are implemented in. You will strive to become the “source of knowledge” around the non-functional characteristics of the products, with a particular focus on performance and security. You will represent this knowledge on customer troubleshooting calls, working with development team member to resolve customer performance issues. You will create your own sandbox environments where you will run focused experiments to come up with suggestions for improving the quality of our enterprise customer’s experience.

Within two months, you will be the technical lead on customer-facing calls. You will have helped to improve the documentation for configuration options for our customers and onboarding our partners/integrators while continuing to support them throughout their transition. When not working with customers and partners, you will work with our QE and Implementation Consultant team to better bench mark our product and refine the improvements that are needed to streamline the performance as well as implementation and maintenance of the product

Within three months,  you will work with product owners to drive changes to the operational and development roadmap as we inch closer to (i) moving our customers over to consuming our platform services and (ii) onboarding 40% of our customer base into managed services (SaaS) by the end of 2017.

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