Sr. Motion Designer

Posted: Sep 16, 2020

I'll keep it short and sweet here, but check out more details on our website's careers page (!

On to the cliff-notes! We are a Houston-based remote team of animators. And by the way, we've always been remote. We're not scrambling because of Covid, and you'll get to stay working from home when this is all over! We work on a wide variety of projects, but the core of what we do is to help our clients make wads of cash. We explain the complicated and show the impossible, and make it sexy.

Here are a few high-impact activities you'll do to keep this studio buzzing with energy:

  1. Conjure up concepts and storylines, and coordinate animation strategy.
  2. Share your one-of-a-kind ideas with the Motion Giraffx team and our clients.
  3. Craft dynamic storyboards for initial stages of production.
  4. Create show-stopping models, drawings, and illustrations.
  5. Join images with background graphics and special effects.
  6. Synchronize frames and audio for a perfect fit.
  7. Offer invaluable guidance during the editing process.
  8. Collaborate with our brilliant production crew (designers, directors, etc.).
  9. Manage your time and deadlines like a boss.

With that in mind, we'd be ecstatic if you:

  1. Have serious skills as a 3D animator. (We can't wait to see your demo reel or portfolio!
  2. Knowledge of Adobe Suite is a must. 3Ds Max is preferred, but we're not picky!
  3. Strong eye for knowing what looks good, graphic design and illustration skills a huge plus!
  4. Are a whiz at managing your own time and projects.
  5. Can put in eight hours a day of remote work at your home office.
  6. Love working and communicating with a lively team of animation pros.

We pay close attention to local and national trends in salary for this position, and we are open to negotiate compensation for the perfect candidate. Here are some extra goodies our employees get:

  • We hook you up with all the hardware and software you need to get your job done
  • 3+ weeks of Paid Time Off (excluding federal holidays)
  • Company pays 90% of your health, dental, and vision insurance premiums
  • We pay you a comission for fruitful leads
  • Friday afternoons are for learning new things
  • Profit-based year-end bonus plan!

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