TikTok Talent & TikTok Corporation UI/UX Mobile & Desktop Needed ASAP

Posted: May 23, 2020

TikTok has new initiative to pay for their work - we need a 1-2 page landing page, sign up page to sign up 5 million TikTok Talent + another page both mobile and desktop to describe program to corporations. Multiple videos provided by TikTok Talent and previous TikTok product launches. Must speak english fluently, ave fast internet connection, solid ui.ux mobile experience and ability to finish jobs created thus far. Our lead designer got the Corona Virus so dead in the water right now. Have figma files you can use to finish. Open to contractors but looking for FT as well I hope to hire somebody by Monday. www.go-tek.org is test site. Whatsapp is 512.281.6533 Keith

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Source: Behance

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