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Posted: Jun 26, 2020

At Field, we design and build software to solve difficult problems in public health around the world. We are looking for a teammate with a mix of UI/UX design, and front end dev experience to work with us on software to help improve healthcare in Nigeria, Kenya and beyond. Our tech has to function in remote locations with poor connectivity and must oftentimes be used by untrained community health workers with low tech literacy. Our software has to be clear, resilient, and radically simplified.

Some examples of the systems we’re working on:

  • A responsive mobile app (PWA), built for offline performance, with supportive workflows to guide users through the logistics of distributing vaccines and medicines.

  • Dashboard interfaces with data visualisations/analytical tools to analyse supply chain data for community pharmacists

  • A payment system to help pharmacies stay stocked with essential medicines.

  • A mobile app to guide our field based fulfillment team in delivering pharmaceutical goods

Managing consistent access and inventory of health commodities can be complex business, and the core of our challenge is simplifying this task for the health workers and community pharmacists we serve. This challenge drives all of the UX and UI design we do, and designing interfaces and workflows which meet this challenge will be the core of your role. As a growing team however, we also need the person in this role to be able to contribute to implementation of these workflows in some capacity, either with CSS or javascript development.

What you’ll do every day

As designer at Field, you’ll work with the Design Lead and be involved in all parts of the design process: user research, workflow development, UI design, prototyping, and working with developers to spec and polish the implementation of your designs.

 In the day-to-day, you will:

  • Participate in user research, getting to know our users and how they go about their work

  • Create wireframes and sketches to map out the user experience

  • Relate UI and app workflows to users’ day to day processes, and consider their operational implications

  • Visualize your concepts and ideas in Sketch

  • Communicate these concepts to the broader team during regular design reviews, where you should be able to articulate and debate the value of your approach

  • Generate meaningful prototypes to test those ideas with users

  • Coordinate usability testing and analysis of findings

  • Implement front end components in our design system and/or interfaces in our app, using CSS / React

Some travel to our office (and out to the field) in Nigeria is required - COVID dependent of course. We are generally pretty flexible with travel arrangements.

Application requirements

  • You should have 3 or more years of UX / UI design experience, with a strong portfolio to back it up

  • You care deeply about usability, and can demonstrate an ability to use design to solve problems

  • You put the user first – you have experience in conducting user research, analysing findings, and mapping out user experiences

  • You can demonstrate a solid understanding of layout, typography, color theory and other design principles

  • You communicate thoughtfully and succinctly

  • You have worked collaboratively with teams to ship products, but can self-organise when needed

  • You feel comfortable working in lean environments with agile methods

  • You are comfortable committing front end code and have professional experience shipping CSS or front end javascript

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills – we are a distributed team and pay close attention to our documentation and team communication

  • You are fluent in English

This is a full-time position, with frequent (but negotiable) travel requirements. 

For the duration of active COVID transmission in Germany, our team is working remotely, with voluntary and carefully controlled office hours. We are eager to get back together though and will be resuming regular office hours when it seems safe.

Bonus points for:

  • Experience designing for novice or semi-literate users

  • Data visualization skills

  • Experience working with React and offline web apps

Folio requirements

Please apply with a detailed CV, and a folio / case studies. We’d really like to dive into the details of your work, so we’d rather have a few detailed case studies than a lot of shiny-looking screenshots with no context. Tell us about the goals, the context, constraints, the team, your role and your thought process. For each project/case study, please include (where applicable) a bit about:

Project background: Set the context for the project. What was the goal of the project? What were your constraints? What was the timeline?

Team and your role: What was your exact role? What did you uniquely contribute, and who did you work with?

The work and process: show us the range of what you produced, and the process you followed. Research, sketches, wireframes, mockups, screenshots, and a link to working site or app (if possible).

Success metrics: Why are you showing us this project? Do you have any results that show this project achieved its intended goal?

Your learnings: With hindsight, and based on the process and outcome, was there anything you would have done differently?

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