Bradford & Galt: UI Developer at Bradford & Galt (Austin, TX) (Austin, TX)

Posted: Jan 25, 2019

We are looking for a passionate UI Developer who loves web development. The ideal candidate will be working with the latest backend frameworks/libraries. You will also participate in the open source community and attend meetup events. They would have a strong understanding of the challenges facing modern web design and development. They would always strive to do right by the consumer, delivering the best user experience. 

Required Technical Skills and Experience

8+ years of front-end web development experience

A history of working on consumer facings websites or applications

Familiar with the challenges of responsive design and development

Experience building SPAs with vanilla JS or with libraries/frameworks like React or Angular

Knows has to write testable code, using frameworks like Jest

Have worked in an Agile environment, and are familiar with SCRUM and/or Kanban

Has configured and used code splitting and bundlers like Webpack or Rollup

Deep understanding of CSS, having built, modified, or maintained UI frameworks

Expert understanding of Git, not afraid to cherry pick or squash commits

Have written and maintain code standards for HTML, CSS or JavaScript

Have lead code review process, giving constructive feedback to peers

Mentored junior developers, guiding them in best practices and problem solving

More Information

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