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Posted: Sep 23, 2020

Project ECHO has an exciting opportunity for a UI/UX Designer to join our ECHO Digital Team and design innovative technology solutions for our growing movement of 400 partners in 40 countries. Project ECHO exists to democratize knowledge—linking experts at centralized institutions with regional, local, and community-based workforces. We are experiencing an exponential growth and aim to touch the lives of 1 billion people by 2025. We recognize the importance of user centered design in realizing that ambitious goal. We are looking to expand our UI/UX research and design team with an experienced UI/UX Designer who will help us design our technology platform, ECHO Digital. In this role, Project ECHO will allow you to use your skills and experience to make a significant impact in improving lives around the world.

As a UI/UX Designer, under direction and guidance of the Lead UI/UX Designer, you will collaborate with our global team of product managers, engineers, designers, and researchers in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment to make ECHO Digital both functional and appealing – with a keen mind for intuitive and accessible experiences and a keen eye for beautiful and highly-usable interfaces. If you are passionate about collaboration, design, and innovation, and want to make a lasting, positive impact on millions of lives around the world, this position is for you. Your role will focus on:

  • Developing an understanding of Project ECHO's diverse community of users, identifying their challenges, frictions and opportunities, and proposing and devising elegant solutions to add value to their ECHO experience.

  • Storytelling and framing problems for a diverse audience of stakeholders, helping them envision ECHO Digital solutions and how those solutions would benefit users within the ECHO community.

  • Designing and delivering user journeys, user flows, wireframes, storyboards, process flows, sitemaps, mockups, and interactive prototypes optimized for a wide range of devices and interfaces.

  • Designing graphic user interfaces informed by a strong sense of layout, informational hierarchy, typography, and color, as well as contributing to the development of ECHO Digital's design system and style standards.

  • Understanding inclusive and accessible design principles and best practices, as well localization, internationalization and cultural relevancy, in order to make them intrinsic to the design of ECHO Digital's experiences and interfaces.

  • Rapidly testing and iterating your designs with peers, stakeholders, and the ECHO community.

  • Communicating effectively in a cross-functional product development team.

  • Asking smart questions, taking risks, and championing new ideas.

Project ECHO is a telemedicine and distance-learning program with partners all over the world, and it prides itself on being a values-based organization. Our seven values include: Service to the Underserved, Demonopolize Knowledge, Mutual Trust and Respect, Teamwork, Excellence and Accountability, Innovation and Learning and Joy of Work. We strive to find individuals who can embrace and exemplify these values.

ECHO Digital is a globally federated, multi-lingual platform that will be used by millions of users across the world. Using open APIs, we aim to integrate with government systems and national health registries to create systems change. The platform will enable a wide variety of use cases such as tracking and managing learning sessions and attendances, communicating and sharing between online communities, searching and discovery of experts and resources, and much more.

Project ECHO is growing exponentially, serving communities across the globe. By joining our team, you will be part of a movement that is leading the way in technology-based healthcare initiatives. Join our team and be a part of our goal to touch the lives of 1 billion people by 2025!


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