UI/UX Designer

Posted: May 23, 2020

Looking for UI/UX designer that will be able to take the ideas in my brain, & translate it into a beautifully seamless experience for my online users.

Real estate websites are... clunky... hard to use... frustrating... 

I want to change that.

I have an outline of exactly which webpages you will be creating, along with WHY we are creating these types of pages.

I need you to organize my thoughts & bring your spark of creativity to bring it to life.

You will be working with a graphic designer to create a new brand profile including a new color palette, logo, or anything else you need.  If you would rather handle this task yourself, please let me know.  

You can walk me through ANY exercise to ensure that this process goes exactly the way you would like it too.  

I #TrustTheProcess

My background is in digital marketing, but I struggle with the design aspects of things.  Together, this project will surely be a success.

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