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Posted: Jan 11, 2022

The mabl team is on a mission to build the easiest low-code test automation solution on the market. We're enabling everyone from global enterprises to fast-growing startups to integrate application testing into their development pipelines and harness test data to improve product quality by making fast, powerful test automation possible for everyone, regardless of coding experience. 

To continue delivering on this mission, we're looking for people to join our team of leaders, experts, innovators, and community builders. Our core values: drive, authenticity, support, and insight, are the foundation of our culture and a key part of what it means to be a mabler. We practice transparency, embrace collaboration, and lead with empathy while encouraging each other to bring their best selves to work.  

If that isn't enough, mabl was also named a Best Place to Work and a Best Paying Company by BuiltIn Boston in 2021.


The Role

mabl's mission is to enable software teams to rapidly deliver high-quality products to their users. The company's first product makes it easy for anyone to create, run, and maintain automated end-to-end tests for their web sites and applications. Bringing this power and simplicity to millions of people around the world presents an incredible opportunity for our entire team and an exceptionally intriguing one from a design perspective. mabl's UX has become a differentiator in the market, helping us create a loyal customer base, expand accounts and win new business. Our customers rave at our platform's ease of use and simple setup experience.


Why we need you

This is your chance to work with a team that values user experience deeply. At mabl, you'll have the opportunity to work across research, strategy, design, and validation of problems that are central to the company's mission. Over the next year we are taking mabl's experience to the next level, to innovate beyond product-market fit. This is a challenging initiative, requiring us to deliver incremental improvements to the core product while also extending mabl's intelligence and ease of use to solve new problems for customers.


You will be a key part of this effort, leveraging your strengths and picking up new skills along the way. You'll work with a smart and high performing product team that knows how to deliver software. mabl has a supportive environment with lots of room for personal and professional growth. We are a culture of result-oriented collaborators with a genuine desire to support each other and our users. Join us in continuing to build a team and product that makes us love our jobs.


What you'll do

    • Be part of a cross-functional squad to define, design, and deliver features that focus on bringing value to our users
    • Focus your work based on the task at hand; research, strategy, ideation, information architecture, interaction design, prototyping, visual design, or usability testing
    • Break down design visions into incremental improvements that can be delivered smoothly with little disruption to the product team and our customers
    • Identify and work on projects that help the entire product team achieve better product experience and design consistency
    • Shape and define our design language and design system alongside our UX Lead


What you'll bring to the table

    • You are passionate about understanding people's point of view, solving problems, and your work is anchored in user research
    • You have a strong foundation in design, with a finger on the pulse for trends in typography, esthetics, color, imagery, and iconography
    • You design for everyone, understand ADA compliance, and promote an accessibility mindset
    • You recognize when discovery, research, strategy, etc. are needed to understand user goals and negotiate longer lead-time before code is written to achieve valuable results
    • You believe that user research, user feedback, and usage data are critical metrics to the design process and incorporate them into your work
    • You have experience collaborating with diverse squads to focus on delivering goal oriented solutions 
    • You have experience working on complex applications and SaaS products
    • You understand the software development lifecycle and QA testing
    • You are comfortable with ambiguity and know how to fill in the blanks
    • You bring fundamental ideas to the table and inspire others to see your vision for an evolving SaaS product that is focused on delivering results
    • You've refactored or redesigned aspects of a product, based on user goals, and rolled out large changes incrementally


About us

Mabl is the intelligent test automation company that empowers high-velocity software  development teams to adopt Quality Engineering. Our low-code test automation platform enables organizations to harness the potential of software testing and test data to build new features faster, adopt DevOps, and enhance product quality. Mabl users benefit from a unified platform for easily creating, executing, and maintaining reliable tests that result in faster delivery of high quality, business critical applications. Follow us at @mablhq on Twitter and @mabl on LinkedIn to see what life is like as a mabler.

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