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Posted: Feb 12, 2019

UX Designer (natural language experiences)

IPsoft is looking for candidates with a background in User Experience Design (UX). Your portfolio of work includes some combination of user research, persona development, wireframes, prototyping, and storytelling (writing).

Youre adept at working with cross functional teams, and thrive in fast paced environments. Youre comfortable advising clients with a range of personalities and working styles. Even when youre not working, you cant help but reimagine lackluster experience because youre just as obsessed with good design as we are.

Our UX Designers work on our AI product, Amelia. Amelia is a cognitive digital agent who listens and interacts with people to solve problems. She reads natural language, understands context, applies logic, infers user intention, learns through experience and senses emotions.

Depending on the project, UX Designers are involved in all aspects of the Amelia lifecycle: from discovery research through design iteration to performance testing, tuning, and maturation - their primary task is to make sure that the conversations address user needs, and deliver value to both the user and the organization. Successful UXers at IPsoft are comfortable with the unexpected, never losing enthusiasm or a keen determination to produce results.

As a UX Designer at IPsoft, you will:

    Help mine insights and opportunities through workshops, research, and interviews

    Design & write conversational experiences that address the business & user needs

    Develop empathetic dialogue for Amelia that efficiently solves human problems

    Review chat logs, transcripts, recordings, and research to improve performance

    Contribute to internal knowledge creation, content standards, and best practices

    Expand Amelias value to clients in various industries around the world

    Foster user-centered culture, values, and methodologies

    Support multiple concurrent client projects and support cognitive product initiatives


    4+ years working in user experience design

    2+ years experience in client management

    Experience with user research, prototyping, and storyboards or content strategy

    Interest in new and emerging technologies like machine learning, AI, IoT, and VR

    Exceptional communication, collaboration, and presentation skills

    Optional: Some coding knowledge (e.g., html, CSS, java, python, SQL) can be practically and conceptually helpful

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