UX Designer

Posted: Apr 16, 2021

We're looking for a ferocious UX Designer with a passion for conversion rate optimization to join our digital marketing team. The ideal candidate has a love for user experience, digital marketing, conversion rate optimization, high quality design, and attention to detail. This role requires digital design and web development skills as well as marketing expertise, using tools and programs such as WordPress, Sketch, Unbounce, Elementor, HubSpot, and more.



  • Act as the Marketing Team's CRO Specialist through evaluating performance data, identifying and designing CRO improvements
  • Build out new conversion-focused website pages, landing pages, pillar pages, online sales funnels and perform ongoing website enhancements through tools such as: WordPress, Elementor, Unbounce, and HubSpot.
  • Perform initial triage and technical marketing support within the site, hosting, Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager
  • Actively improve online conversion rates through researching and implementing A/B tests, evaluating site performance and user behavior, and conversion optimization audits
  • Design marketing assets such as social media graphics and video, ad sets, and lead magnets that align with the campaign strategy and business goals
  • User behavior research to understand what stops your visitors from converting


  • Desire to work on a highly productive agile marketing team
  • Professional experience in conversion rate optimization (CRO) on websites, landing pages, and sales funnels
  • Be able to collaborate well with clients and team members to bring a vision to life
  • Proficiency in website tools like: WordPress, HubSpot, Unbounce, and various page editors
  • Experience with researching and implementing A/B tests, user behavior research, and conversion optimization audits
  • Web skills in HTML, CSS, JS, and managing various WordPress plugins
  • Experience in technical marketing and analytical tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Data Studio, etc.
  • Professional design experience for websites, landing pages, social media graphics, videos, ad sets, and lead magnets
  • Willingness to troubleshoot, solve complex problems and implement user-friendly solutions for our team and clients
  • Ability to manage multiple client accounts and adapt to changing requirements and instructions
  • Excellent time management and communication skills



  • Advanced data analytics experience
  • Front-end development experience in GIT, PHP, theming, and web development
  • Have a natural curiosity for emerging trends and technologies


APPLY ONLINE: https://www.designzillas.com/careers/ux-designer

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