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Posted: Jan 12, 2022

Everyday Speech produces educational materials that make a meaningful difference in the lives of the students who use them. Our Social Learning Videos are used by hundreds of thousands of educators around the United States and around the world, making us a leader in Social-Emotional Learning. Primarily selling to public schools, our digital Social-Emotional Learning curriculum helps students with special needs to regulate their emotions, solve problems, cope with the stresses of modern life, and interact with the world around them through videos, games, and other activities. We believe our platform is the best tool available for educators, regardless of subject. As a member of our team, you'll have an opportunity to impact the lives of students in a positive way.

As our UX Interactive Designer, you'll work in our Content Department to design and project manage the interactive materials we release to thousands of students and teachers that use our platform. This includes the design of games, interactive activities and digital worksheets, as well as overseeing production of those projects until completion. In the mid-long term, you'll help us increase the volume and complexity of our interactive content to push the boundaries of content that we've created in the past.

Role: UX Interactive Designer


Short term: Work alongside our clinical team to design interactive content and games


  • UI & UX Design of Educational Materials

Going beyond worksheets and textbooks, we create innovative teaching materials that use games, video and other modalities to engage students. You'll work alongside our clinicians to design materials for students from Kindergarten through High School. From digital workbooks to interactive videos, you'll be improving students' lives by creating fun ways for them to learn critical skills such as empathy, mindfulness and self-esteem.


  • Create functional specs of your projects to hand them over for production

After finalizing the entire design process of new activities and games, you will create specs that are easily understandable for our in-house developers to take over. As part of our workflow, you will also provide feedback and help as needed to our Product team.


Mid-Long Term: Advance the role of interactive content in our growing library


  • Work with the Content, Product and Clinical departments to brainstorm and ideate large scale interactive experiences for our students. This goes beyond designing individual activities and involves building out systems that can scale across many topics. Use systems thinking to build multiple interactive experiences that can be driven by a single CMS.

  • Explore new content types like interactive videos and immersive game experiences to maximize learning and student engagement.


We're looking for:


  • Be a strong communicator with your design work. This means using Figma prototypes to help stakeholders visualize the interactions and flows before projects enter development. This means creating thorough design specifications that allow for development with minimal questions along the way.

  • Think small and big at the same time. How can we turn this worksheet around in a few days, but also create a design system so that future worksheets can be templatized?

  • Be a team player that is focused on project success. Work with the Interactive team,  Product developers, as well as our illustrators and animators to bring interactive content together, even if that means making creative adjustments along the way.

  • Balance strategic thinking with visual beauty. Projects should be visually engaging, but also usable and always built to solve the problem at hand. A dedication to accessibility guidelines and a focus on user testing to question assumptions.

  • Focus on shipping - balance your desire to make things pixel perfect vs. knowing when things are good enough.

  • A deep desire to learn and an openness to design critique. Respond to feedback from a variety of sources, both visual and strategic.

  • Solve problems independently while also highlighting the areas where you need feedback / second opinions.

  • Empathize with our end users (teachers & students) and put their needs first in everything you create. Doing user interviews and analytics research will be important for this role in the near future.


Relevant experience:

  • 2-3 years experience in UX design, game design or similar fields (a background working in the field of education is a plus, but not required)

  • A track record of shipping products - taking projects from initial idea to public release

  • Good understanding and use of Figma

  • English level = medium-high

  • Attention to detail

  • Respond to feedback and iterate on graphics, logic and functionality based on input from the team

  • Solve complex problems independently

  • Learn quickly and embrace change

  • Ability to create detailed specs for developers to work from

  • Ability to provide detailed, actionable feedback to developers 


Other Notes:

  • We're open to US and international (contractor) hires, but you must be able to overlap at least 4 hours with the rest of the company (9 AM to 1 PM ET)

  • A paid trial project will be included in the interview process

  • Starting salary is $75,000

  • Benefits include 3 weeks paid vacation, health insurance (US employees), 401(k) match (US employees), remote work reimbursements, and every other Friday off.

  • Please include a link to your portfolio or some of your work that is relevant to this position

  • To be considered, please send a cover letter to [email protected], and include the words "Social Skills Interactive" at the beginning (this is important, we won't be able to see your email otherwise)

    • In your cover letter, please describe a project that you have shipped recently. Describe not only your impact in the design, but also your role in getting the project released.

    • Please answer the question: What do you feel you would need to be effective as a remote team member?


More About Us

  • We're a 100% remote company

  • We're an ideal meritocracy

  • We're building something that has a major impact on education and the health and wellness of millions of kids around the world

  • We're changing every day, and learning a lot along the way

Fully remote, our team has employees around the world and encourages a modern work approach - one that is flexible and empathetic while maintaining high standards and accountability.


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