Finnovate Limited: Woocommerce site with digital downloads and susbcription access (Anywhere)

Posted: Mar 3, 2018

We have a need for a site that will have two dimensions to it- a digital downloads section (research reports in PDF) and a second part of subscrption based access to daily research content. Looking for a developer with specialised experience in above (as against plain vanillla e-commerce). The digital downloads are based on one-off payments in advance- the PDF reports are priced individually and the site user will select and then add reports to shopping cart from a palette of reports.  The same site in one corner will provide a link to separately hosted site. Access to this would be on a one-off annual subscription payment.  The site needs to be built from scratch but some features analysis and very basic wireframes have been attempted by a Business Analyst and her support will be available to the developer. 

How to Apply:

[email protected]

Source: Find Bacon