Point Hacks: Wordpress Devops Manager (Anywhere)

Posted: Sep 17, 2018

Point Hacks, an independent publisher based in Melbourne, Australia, is seeking a Wordpress Development Operations (Devops) Manager to take ownership of a number of technical responsibilities to maintain and improve our Websites. This is a new role, with opportunities for growth and autonomy. The business and website is small but mature, and is now entering a period of new growth for which we require a safe and experienced pair of hands to assist in realising our technology roadmap.

With many of our team based remotely, the successful applicant does not need to be based in Melbourne - however, we do require a substantial overlap with Australian working hours and excellent English written and verbal communication skills. 

This is effectively a full-time position, with relatively flexible working hours. 

Responsible for:

  • Github repository administration (creating/maintaining issues, branch management)
  • Wordpress administration (syncing prod/staging environments, plugin management, setting up local environments) across a small number of related Wordpress instances
  • Assessing error notifications, reviewing associated error logs, and deciding on the severity of issues
  • Communicating tech stack changes and key issues updates to Product Manager
  • Maintaining development workflows with development team (code reviews, documentation and issue references, pull requests are merged when safe)
  • Fixing and deploying simple bug fixes in Wordpress theme 
  • Proactively identifying workflow and technical bottlenecks for server/website performance and development workflows, suggesting and implementing fixes

Experience required:

  • Wordpress administration
  • Working with remote linux servers using ssh (basic knowledge required)
  • Git-based development workflows (managing branches, pull requests, reviews)
  • Working with services on the command line (e.g heroku, aws, npm, scripts)
  • Writing and running scripts for automation (node, python, bash, etc)
  • Querying data using SQL, preferably on mysql and wordpress
  • Use of web development build tools (webpack, gulp, grunt)
  • Strong familiarity with GitHub

Experience desired:

  • Deploying and managing apps on Heroku
  • Wordpress theme and plugin development (more generally: PHP development)
  • Writing and running tests
  • Setting up and using CI/CD
  • Javascript development (Node, vanilla JS, or frameworks such as React/Vue)
  • Experience with Google Tag Manager

Growth opportunities:

  • Developing full-stack javascript skills, particularly Vue.js
  • Planning and scaling distributed infrastructure
  • Data visualisation and analysis

How to Apply:

Please fill out an application here https://pointhacks.typeform.com/to/vyc4KA 

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