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Catholic Relief Services: Digital Developer at Catholic Relief Services (Baltimore, MD) (Baltimore, MD)
Great Jakes: Full-Stack Developer (React, nodeJS, PHP) at Great Jakes (New York, NY) (New York, NY)
Project One: Senior Full Stack Developer - Python + Media Automation   (19-00014) at Project One (Miami, FL) (Miami, FL)
Archetype Solutions Group: Full Stack Software Engineer at Archetype Solutions Group (Philadelphia, PA) (Philadelphia, PA)
University of Pennsylvania: Senior Application Developer at University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA) (Philadelphia, PA)
Stott and May: Senior Magento Developer at Stott and May (Philadelphia, PA) (Philadelphia, PA)
Self Decode: Wordpress Developer at Self Decode () (allows remote)
Algorithm Engineer
Backend (Architect) Lead
Senior Frontend Engineer
Western Window Systems: Front-End Web Developer at Western Window Systems (Phoenix, AZ) (Phoenix, AZ)
Senior Front End Engineer
Full Stack Senior Software Engineer
Honestly MT GmbH: Full Stack developer - PHP/vue.js at Honestly MT GmbH (Cologne, Germany) (Cologne, Germany)
Honestly MT GmbH: Backend developer - PHP at Honestly MT GmbH (Cologne, Germany) (Cologne, Germany)
Senior Software Engineer
SuperPixel: Print, web, & email designer (Anywhere)
Imarc: Web Engineer at Imarc (Amesbury, MA) (Amesbury, MA)
Imarc: Mid-Level Strategist at Imarc (Amesbury, MA) (Amesbury, MA)
Climate Central: Digital Outreach Lead & Web Producer
MessageBird: Senior Software Engineer PHP at MessageBird (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI): Software Developer at European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) (Hinxton, UK) (Hinxton, UK)
Neon Canvas: Junior Front-End Developer (Anywhere)
Navitome LLC: Senior Software Engineer_Architect
Senior Full Stack Developer
Defiant Inc: Customer Service Engineer at Defiant Inc () (allows remote)
Grab: Senior Backend Engineer at Grab (Singapore) (Singapore)
Cloudreach: Software Engineer at Cloudreach (Philadelphia, PA) (Philadelphia, PA)
Developer Evangelist