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Auth0: Developer Experience Advocate at Auth0 () (allows remote)
Tenna LLC.: Software Engineer at Tenna LLC. (Edison, NJ) (Edison, NJ)
JPMorgan Chase & Co.: Web Developer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Houston, TX) (Houston, TX)
The Farmer's Dog: A really good Node.js engineer at The Farmer’s Dog (Brooklyn, NY) (Brooklyn, NY)
Brooksource: .NET Developer at Brooksource (Philadelphia, PA) (Philadelphia, PA)
JP Morgan Chase: Data Architecture Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase (Jersey City, NJ) (Jersey City, NJ)
Auth0: Developer Experience Engineer at Auth0 () (allows remote)
Homer: Senior iOS Engineer at Homer () (allows remote)
Senior Frontend Engineer
WeWork: Senior Software Engineer (Full-stack) at WeWork (New York, NY) (New York, NY)
Senior Backend Engineer
Brooksource: Junior .NET Developer at Brooksource (Philadelphia, PA) (Philadelphia, PA)
Acme Tools: Web Developer at Acme Tools (Minneapolis, MN) (Minneapolis, MN)
Webgrain, Inc.: Experienced Web App Dev who loves APIs at Webgrain, Inc. (Billings, MT) (Billings, MT)
Ubiquisoft Technologies: Front-End Developer at Ubiquisoft Technologies (Memphis, TN) (Memphis, TN)
Bayshore Solutions: ASP.NET Developer at nationally recognized digital agency in Tampa at Bayshore Solutions (Tampa, FL) (Tampa, FL)
Fracta Inc.: UX Designer - Part-Time Remote Consultant at Fracta Inc. () (allows remote)
Junior Web Developer
Senior UX Designer
Creative Designer II
Quicken Loans: Senior Software Engineer at Quicken Loans (Detroit, MI) (Detroit, MI)
Dorsata: Senior Frontend Developer at Dorsata (Washington, DC) (Washington, DC)
Senior Front End Developer- React
Mission Minded: WordPress Developer (Anywhere)
3D Hubs: Software Development Engineer at 3D Hubs (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Taulia: Engineering Team Lead - UI at Taulia (Austin, TX) (Austin, TX)
Parkside Informationstechnologie GmbH: Senior Web Frontend Developer React/Angular - work with A-Level engineers (f/m) at Parkside Informationstechnologie GmbH (Graz, Österreich) (Graz, Österreich)
Parkside Informationstechnologie GmbH: Web Frontend Developer React or Angular - work with A-Level engineers (f/m) at Parkside Informationstechnologie GmbH (Graz, Österreich) (Graz, Österreich)
New York Genome Center: Principal Software Engineer - Lead our Next Gen of Data Processing Tools at New York Genome Center (New York, NY) (New York, NY)
Tech Lead (m/f/d)